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Council Services:

Condition survey

Over recent years the County Council has carried out an annual Public Rights of Way Condition survey to establish the overall accessibility or ease of use of the rights of way network that it is responsible for.

Ease of use means:

Public Rights of Way Condition Survey

  • Sign-posted or way-marked where the route joins the road.
  • Free from unlawful obstructions and other interference.
  • Surface and lawful barriers (e.g. stiles and gates) in good repair.

A 10% random sample of the entire network of 4000km was surveyed, 5% in May and 5% in November to take account of the differing conditions brought about by the seasons, such as overgrown paths in May and surface condition in November.

A summary of the survey results for the last 10 years can be seen below:

Year of Survey
% of Network Easy to Use


From 2016 the survey will only take place every three years.

Report a problem

Please report any problems by emailing or by telephone: 01522 782070

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Last updated: 29 November 2017

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