Drug and alcohol use by parents, effects on children. E Learning for staff

Lincolnshire Safeguarding Childrens Partnership

Learning outcomes are:

  • raise general awareness of issues relating to parental drug and alcohol misuse
  • identify how children and young people may be affected by parents misusing drugs and/or alcohol
  • gain confidence in asking questions about drugs and alcohol misuse
  • recognise the importance of multi-agency working and the roles and responsibilities of different agencies
  • understand the importance of sharing information appropriately and keeping records
Service Description

E learning package, Hidden Harm, aiming to raise the awareness of issues facing children of substance abuse users.


Training is a via e learning taking 2 - 3 hours, but can be undertaken in stages.


When it comes to drug and alcohol misuse in adults focus is often on the parent. This course aims to emphasis the effects on children and young people.  It raises awareness and helps spot signs and identify appropriate windows to help break the cycle and safeguard the child.


Free for maintained. All others £25 plus VAT.

Contact and how to book

To undertake the e learning or to find out more visit the LSCB website