Fire safety - workshops for students and resources for teachers

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

These resources and workshops provide hands on information  for Year 2 and 6 children covering protection, detection and escape. The skills and knowledge gained throughout this program can be used by the children throughout their lives.


Students who undertake this programme will work together to achieve:

  • fire safety prevention
  • fire safety reduction strategies
  • fire safety escape planning
  • fire safety confidence with the ability to pass on the safety measures at home
  • how to call the fire service

Schools who offer this programme will demonstrate:

  • a commitment to pupils' learning and development in and outside lessons
  • encouraging pupils' access to new information to develop their knowledge, understanding and skills, both in lessons and in extra-curricular activities
Service Description

Each programme will be run at the school via:

  • a free package of learning material or
  • a chargeable visit by a trained member of staff

The services are available during term time and school holiday. Responses are provided within 10 working days.


Total package will depend upon level of activity agreed. Resources are free.  Costs start from £31.29 an hour, for a minimum of 3 hours for a visit, including travel time.

Contact and how to book

Book this training

Please provide as much information as possible, and advise whether this is year 2, year 6 or both.

Telephone: 01522 550665