HIV and Aids - the realities of HIV today - staff training


Staff Training covering HIV and Aids. This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.

Service Description

Lizzie Jordan, internationally acclaimed HIV+ Advocate, is available to deliver teacher training to staff working with young people. She delivers assemblies, workshops, guest lectures and talks on HIV and sexual health, to varied audiences, sharing her inspiring story and experiences since her own HIV diagnosis.

Teaching young people about HIV is mandatory in Key Stage 4, however this is within the context of science and viruses. Take this one step further by booking Lizzie, who is a globally recognised HIV advocate, to discusses the realities of HIV today.  This provides the opportunity for frank discussion to improve the audiences knowledge of HIV and sexual health. It raises awareness around how HIV is discussed in school, and also how to support young people living with HIV, or those affected by HIV within their family.

We also provide free resources and signposting literature.


Lizzie is available to travel across the UK . She will discuss her visit with you before hand and ensure that her presentation is both appropriate and engaging.


Lizzie Jordan, who breaks every stereotype of a person living with HIV, has a powerful message in being a "real" person sharing her story, delivering important information with impact. Dubbed by a journalist as "The Nigella of HIV" Lizzie is a internationally respected HIV advocate, who was born and lives in Lincolnshire.

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