Islam awareness for primary school students

Islamic Awareness

The aim is to briefly introduce Islam and its main concept.  We explain the life of Muslims, particularly in Lincolnshire. The services are designed to help and support school students, particularly those who are studying Islam in their RS/RE. The sessions are supported by various types of materials, illustrations and artefacts, as well as hands-on activities to engage students. This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.


Students will:

  • have a clear understanding of Islam and its pillars and main concepts
  • understand what Muslims believe and practice, particularly in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas
  • be able to understand and deal better with their fellow Muslims
  • be able to identify the difference between culture and religion
  • be able to experience different cultures
Service Description

Islamic Awareness is a county wide service.

We provide two main services, as described below:


We offer interactive workshops that are designed to help and support school students, particularly those who are studying Islam in their RS/RE. The sessions include:

Interactive Presentation:

  • the 5 pillars of Islam

  • the Prophet Muhammad’s life

  • the daily life of Muslims and their relationship with others

  • the Islamic festivals and celebrations, and how Muslims celebrate

  • the places of worship, and what Muslims do.

  • Islamic values and other related topics.

  • students will learn some key Arabic words (especially the 5 pillars in Arabic, Muslim greeting).

  • the presentations are interactive and engaging, and supported by audio/visual aids.


Various artefacts will be displayed and available for students to observe and inspect. The aim is to illustrate and support the discussions and make it easier to understand

Dressing up

Islamic and Cultural dressing up and having fun. Students will have the option to choose (if they like) to try any of the available dressing materials.

Questions and Answers

Students are free to ask any question. This is usually covering culture, life style of Muslims in UK and Lincolnshire.

The sessions are delivered and facilitated by an experienced and skilled educator, with long experience dealing with the school students.

The “Islamic Awareness and Activities” pack

An “Islamic Awareness and Activities” Pack has been produced and can be provided. The pack includes:

  • information sheets
  • activities sheets, for teacher to use within the classroom
  • three stories, from the Muslim children living in Lincoln
  • copy of the Quran (in English) + information about various topics
  • scarf for the girls
  • hat for the boys
  • doll, with scarf on
  • prayer mat
  • Eid card (template and stencil)
  • other interesting stuff

The services are available county wide. We come to your school during term time. We aim to respond to your request as soon as possible. A full or half days booking is preferable given the geography of this county.  The project is staffed entirely by a small group of volunteers.


Free Workshop. Activity pack available at a cost of £85 please indicate on the booking form if you require.


Contact and how to book

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Please provide as much information as possible.. Stay Safe Partnership will aim to confirm within 5 working days.

Telephone: 01522 550665