Knife crime resources for secondary school staff

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Lesson plans for key stage 3 and key stage 4 on the myths and realities of carrying a knife and knife crime. This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.


The lessons aim to help students to:

  • recognise and evaluate the risks of carrying a knife
  • challenge common misconceptions about knife crime
  • develop strategies to manage peer influence to carry a knife
  • explore how young people can choose to live knife free and achieve their potential
Service Description

The lessons will:

  • inform young people of the consequences of carrying a knife
  • inspire them to pursue positive alternatives
  • use real life stories of young people's experiences as a basis

Accompanying teacher guidance will help you plan the lessons into your PSHE curriculum safely and effectively. Included PowerPoint slides for each key stage will help you to deliver engaging and effective lessons.


Produced in conjunction with the PSHE association, these resources will give staff the information and knowledge to deliver a knife crime workshop



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These resources are free to download.