Magistrates in the community – a ‘mock’ trial in a youth court


This presentation is aimed at year 6 pupils, but at school discretion for mixed age/ability groups.  The presentation looks at the role of courts and gives student an opportunity to be involved in a ‘mock trial’. This training can be used as evidence towards helping you achieve SMSC.


The presentation will cover the following:

  • generally fits social awareness, concept of law, parliament or other related subjects
  • personal responsibility and impact of sentencing in a court of law
  • awareness of the thin line between bullying and crime
  • teamworking - pupils work as a team to play all roles in a ‘mock trial’
  • public speaking (from supplied scripts) in the classroom/court room by participants
  • how to structure a decision and the process
  • encourages pupils to understand and practice an adult environment in an age appropriate way
Service Description
  • Pre-set guidance and scripts supplied (electronically), including Q&A’s and a word search
  • Identifying what is a law and who makes our laws and age of criminal responsibility
  • Identifying what a magistrates court is and what magistrates do
  • Pupils sit in a model court, hear the case that their peers present and make a decision as to outcome
  • Pupils engage in ‘decision making’ using guidance supplied
  • Presented by experienced magistrates who are familiar with working in an educational environment

Available potentially from January 2021 to primary schools in all areas of Lincolnshire, subject to availability of presenters and to government and local Covid guidelines.

Some dates in the summer second half term, June/July at Lincoln University ‘Moot Court’. (If you decide to book this then you could also make your own arrangements to visit Lincoln Guildhall to enhance your learning experience).

The presentation takes up to one hour or can be 50 minutes to meet varying school needs.

Where more than one group in a school is requested then we prefer to visit on a single occasion. 


The benefits include:

  • a wholly interactive presentation that engages pupils in meaningful learning and discussion
  • enables pupils to think positively about the impact of crime on them as victims and defendants
  • enables pupils to understand what the criminal legal process is
  • ‘Magistrates in the Community’ is part of a national scheme that has consistency and is available in most Counties
  • schools already participating consistently seek further presentations each year

This presentation is free of charge. However, when visiting for a whole day or for more than one group, please consider normal hosting arrangements for guests' lunch and refreshments. 

Contact and how to book

Magistrates in the Community

Please make contact as above and preferably not through the website.