Proposal to expand The Lincoln St Christopher's School


Consultation Process

The consultation runs from Thursday 5 September 2019 until Thursday 3 October 2019. A consultee letter introducing the consultation process is available to download.

Information Event

An information event was held on Monday 16 September 2019 at The Lincoln St Christopher’s School at 1.30pm for parents, carers and other interested parties. A separate session was also held for school staff only.

End of Consultation Period

The consultation period ended on 3 October 2019.  There were 13 received responses in total with none against the proposal, 12 for the proposal and one neither for nor against.

Decision to go to Statutory Notice

Following the decision by the executive councillor to move to the next stage of the process, a Statutory Notice will be published in the local press on 7 November 2019 and also at the entrance gates of the school.

The publication of this notice marks the start of the Representation Period which will end on 5 December 2019. This gives a further opportunity for people and organisations to express their views and ensure that they are taken into account when the final decision is taken by the Full Executive on 4 February 2020.

The Complete Proposal which relates to the Statutory Notice

The publication of the Statutory Notice and Complete Proposal marks the start of a four week Representation Period which ends on 5 December 2019.

Copies of the complete proposal can be downloaded or obtained by:

  • writing to School Organisation Planning Team, Children’s Services, Lincolnshire County Council, County Offices, 51 Newland, Lincoln LN1 1YQ
  • telephone 01522 553392
  • emailing [email protected]

Any person may object or comment on the proposal either by completing a short online survey or by using the contact details above by the deadline of 5 December 2019.  Alternatively a consultation response form is available on request from the School Organisation Planning Team or from Lincoln St Christopher's School.

End of Representation Period

The representation period ended on 5 December 2019.

Executive Decision

The decision was taken by the Executive on 4 February 2020 to approve the extension of The Lincoln St Christopher's School with full effect from September 2024.  The points considered and the reasons on which this decision was taken are detailed in the executive councillor report and appendices.

Opening date
5 September 2019
Closing date
4 February 2020
Supporting documents