Display Energy Certificate (DEC) for academies


All public buildings must have a Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and Recommendation Report (RR). Failure to display a valid DEC or a RR can result in a fine.

A DEC shows the energy performance based on energy consumption recorded over the previous 12 months.

  • Buildings between 250-1,000m2: DEC is valid for 10 years and the RR is valid for 10 years
  • Buildings larger than 1,000m2: DEC is valid for one year and RR is valid for 7 years

A certified assessor will visit to undertake a site survey. We use other agencies such as Kier to work on behalf of VINCI.

The DEC assessor is qualified and has experience of working with schools. The assessor is registered with an appropriate scheme.

Utility consumption data for the 12-month period prior to this will be needed. It is used to calculate the energy performance of your school.

A DEC and RR will be sent to school within 10 days of the site visit. They will also be added to the national register.

The details in the RR can then be used to target energy efficiency improvements.

  • The report will identify energy efficiency improvements in your school
  • Funding may be available to deliver the certain projects
  • Reducing your energy spend will release funds for teaching and learning

Price on application (costs are dependent on the size and number of buildings on site).

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