Mental health and wellbeing


A one hour workshop to explore what is meant by mental health and well-being, looking at some of the most common mental health issues affecting young people such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression and self harm.


Core theme 1 - health and wellbeing

  • recognise personal strengths and how this affects self-confidence and self-esteem
  • understand that self-esteem can change with personal circumstances
  • characteristics of mental health and strategies for managing it
  • causes and triggers of unhealthy coping strategies
  • importance of and ways of taking increased responsibility for their own health
  • benefits of physical activity and the importance of sleep
  • access local health services and other sources of support
  • strategies for managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • characteristics of mental health and its causes, symptoms and common treatments
  • recognising and managing triggers

Relates to KS3 and KS4: H1, H3, H4, H5, H6, H9, H13, H15, H31

Core theme 2 - living in the wider world

  • recognise their own core values and how these influence their choices
  • information and advice available to them and how to access the most appropriate support

Relates to KS3 and KS4: L1 and L11

Service Description

Students will have a greater understanding of emotional health and learn ways of recognising when they or their friends are affected, develop tools for managing mental health problems; relaxation, exercise, diet, and sleep patterns.

Pupils will learn what is available in the way of help in the county, both via face to face counselling and online self help programmes via the NHS, and how to go about accessing support from a variety of sources as well as developing some self help skills to enable them to recognise triggers, assess for themselves when they need help and be able to ask for it confidently.

Pupils are advised of what to expect when seeking help from professionals at their initial appointment and the referral pathways into other services.


The workshops can be:

  • provided to all schools across Lincolnshire
  • delivered to individual tutor groups or whole year groups
  • available to participate in Ace/Aspire days
  • adapted according to the specific learning needs of students, with elements being added, expanded on or removed, as appropriate

£55 per tutor group

£200 year group assembly

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