School admissions - access to Schools Access Module (SAM)


We deliver the system for parents applying for places for children to start at school.

The applications are for children beginning of Reception, Year 3 and Year 7. The SAM is the system schools can use to meet this statutory duty.

Schools log on to the SAM module to see their list of applicants. You can arrange them according to your over subscription criteria.

Access to the SAM provides an audit trail, should it ever be required.

  • Access to assistance whilst ranking their applications
  • Helps to reduce errors during the process
  • Access to mid-year applications online
  • Hold a waiting list as all applicants will be ranked
  • Can be stored in a central system
  • Access to geocodes for addresses
  • Undertake demographic reporting
  • View parent supplied information
  • Provide the home to school distance
  • Information regarding application numbers
  • Export for import into your MIS system

Free of charge to all Lincolnshire schools, academies and other educational settings.

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