Post 16 draft transport policy


We are seeking your views on the post 16 transport offer we are proposing to publish at the end of May, effective for the school/college year from September 2020.

We provide subsidised post 16 transport to enable students to attend their nearest designated sixth form, college or other specialised setting as deemed necessary, provided that the distance from home to the establishment is more than three miles. Students with additional needs will have their transport needs assessed on an individual basis in accordance with their specific needs.

To qualify a pupil or student must:

  • live in the county
  • be between 16 and 19 years of age (on the 1 September of the year the course begins)
  • be attending a full time course
  • be attending the nearest or designated post 16 establishment (subject to the distance criteria)

We set out the full details of the offer in our Policy Statement and the proposed policy. The policy aims to let students know what support is available to them which can be accessed in one place.

The Department for Education (DfE) issues statutory guidance to local authorities to support us in developing our transport policy for post 16 learners.  We are required to publish in our policy statement the details of support available from other sources.

Opening date
30 January 2020
Closing date
1 March 2020
Have your say

You are invited to offer your views regarding the post 16 transport offer by completing this short survey.

Please take the opportunity to review the proposed Policy before completing the survey.


Education Transport Commissioning Team
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Telephone: 01522 782020

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