Procurement activities for special educational needs and disability (SEND) services


There has been a review of commissioning arrangements of our SEND services for making placement-type support arrangements.  We have identified that there is an opportunity for three areas to move to an open select list (OSL) procurement function.

The three areas are:

  • domiciliary care
  • short breaks
  • alternative provision (to support interim home tuition)

Current arrangements for these areas are made through ad-hoc spot purchase contracts in response to identified need(s) of the child or young person following an assessment of need. 

Adopting the OSL procurement function for each area, will procure necessary services which are quality assured,.  This will  provide a structured process to support service area reporting and budgets.

It should be noted that acceptance on to the OSL will not guarantee business for any supplier.  The OSL process will allow all commissioning requirements to be sought through an open and fair mini tender competition.

We are seeking to understand the market’s preferred approach to a number of important factors to inform the decision making process.

We invite all potential suppliers to submit their response through an online questionnaire.

Before responding to this questionnaire please read the additional information document which gives a summary description of the services required and relevant background information. 

We are keen to understand a true reflection of the market's views.  Your answers will have no influence on your further participation in this OSL process.  All responses will be treated as confidential and commercially sensitive. 

Please be as open as possible and include any issues that you foresee may be an issue. 

If you would like to discuss these proposals further before responding, then please contact [email protected]

Opening date
9 July 2020
Closing date
22 July 2020
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