Community Inclusive Trust (CIT) primary schools


This consultation has now closed and the school is evaluating the responses.

Community Inclusive Trust CIT schools are undertaking a consultation regarding amendments to their admission policy for entry in 2022.

The Trust's schools wish to have a policy which is the same for all schools in the trust (except the PAN). The schools included in this consultation are:

  • Grantham The Isaac Newton Primary School
  • Caythorpe Primary School
  • Chapel St Leonards Primary School
  • Grantham Poplar Farm Primary School
  • Spalding St Paul's Community Primary and Nursery School
  • Deeping St James Linchfield Academy

The consultation lasts for 6 weeks.  

Opening date
1 October 2020 9am
Closing date
15 November 2020 5pm
Current or closed