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'Fathers and Men who are Experiencing an Abusive Relationship' 



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Sunday the 18th June is a day to celebrate what our dads do for us, by keeping us safe and warm and caring for us even through difficult times, however, some dads are finding it hard to keep their children safe and warm as they are living in abusive relationships, they may be experiencing emotional or financial abuse and finding it hard to stop this impacting on their children, they may even be experiencing physical abuse from their partner and either hiding it or people are not believing them.
Anybody experiencing domestic abuse can get support. Just because you are a man doesn’t mean you cannot be abused and need support.

YOU are NOT to blame for any of this behaviour and you CAN get emotional and practical support for yourself and your children.
The specialist support services in Lincolnshire are on the end of a phone, call them now or look on their websites for more information;

If you live in the East Lindsey Area of Lincolnshire call:
East Lindsey Domestic Abuse Service on 01507 609830

If you live in the Boston or South Holland area of Lincolnshire call:
Boston & South Holland Domestic Abuse Service on 01205 318600 or 01205 311272 or

If you live in either the West Lindsey, Lincoln City, North or South Kesteven areas of Lincolnshire call:
West Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service on 01522 510014

If you have previously experienced an abusive relationship and would like to help us in ways to improve how we work, we would really appreciate you going to our Survivor Feedback form on the Domestic Abuse Website. On here you can tell us what we did right or wrong and how to improve things. With the feedback that we have received so far, we have commissioned the services that we have now, produced this website and the leaflets and posters in Lincolnshire, but it also gives guidance towards Policy and Process in Lincolnshire too, so you voice is listened to.


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Last updated: 29 June 2017

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