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Unleash Your Awesome

Being in an abusive relationship can be traumatic. Leaving that relationship can also be incredibly difficult and may leave you having to deal with a huge range of emotions that can feel scary or suffocating.

Taz Thornton

[in partnership with Taz Thornton; Inspirational Speaker / Motivator / Author / Extreme Empowerment Specialist -]

The road to recovery and healing can be a long one, and that’s okay, because it means you’ll have time to learn lots of really amazing life skills along the way; you can work out what you’d like your future to look like and know there’s no rush to make it all happen overnight.

Your journey will be one of discovery - and rediscovery; you’ll be able to remember who you are underneath all the layers of hurt, and as you begin to peel away all that discomfort you’ll learn to feel safe, happy and alive again. You’ll be able to remember how awesome you are. How much potential you have. How amazing your life can be. You’ll learn that your yesterdays do not have to define your tomorrows.

We’re pleased to announce we are holding an Unleash Your Awesome Event on the 8th September 2017 all about the content of this page.


Taz will go through with you your journey of discovery and how to leave behind your unhealthy emotions from your abusive/unhealthy relationship however long ago it was, allowing you to unleash your inner awesomeness.

9.30am to 3pm at Myle Cross Centre, Macualay Drive, Lincoln, LN2 4EL.

We have 18 places for this event, which is free for all who attend, however, lunch is not provided, so you will need to bring this with you.

If you are interested in attending this event, please email the downloadable booking form below completed with your name and contact details to so confirmation of a place can be sent to you.

Keep coming back to this web page and we’re working collectively with some amazing people (many of whom have walked a similar path to you and are now feeling empowered, happy and at one with the world) and we’ll be bringing you videos, blogs, tips and advice to help you keep walking away from the difficult times and towards your amazing future.

Here are a few quick tips that might help you to gain a bit more perspective, get some control over your thoughts and learn to tap into your happiness again (trust us it’s in there somewhere!)

  • Make lists - when there are so many things to think about and deal with making lists can help you to organise your thoughts. Be sure to include a few things just for you on there - things you’ll enjoy doing that will help you to realise you really are worth it.
  • Set yourself goals - they can be small goals to start with. And we don’t mean the kind of goals you might make at work - the ones you scribble on a piece of paper and leave in the bottom of a drawer to gather dust. This is about setting real intentions for yourself - things you want to manifest into your life and attract into your future. It can be as simple as listing five things you appreciate every morning, to choosing to smile at least once an hour. Start small if you want to, and don’t be afraid to set yourself some bigger intentions too - maybe something like a nice holiday with the kids within the next three years, or a new car, or a job you really love.
  • Do something just for yourself - perhaps something that couldn’t do when you were in your relationship. It could be as simple as a visit to a salon, or a walk in the park, or cuppa and cake in a garden centre. Anything at all - just something for YOU.
  • Make contact with old friends - or make new friends. Find out what’s going on near you. Are there any clubs you could join? Are there any events you could attend and meet new people?
  • Get creative - paint, draw, write, sing, dance - do something to let your inner child come to the fore and feel that sense of freedom. It’s not about being perfect - you can sing to yourself if you’re tone deaf, and you can enjoy painting even if you tell yourself you’re not artistic. Just have fun.

October’s Blog - Climbing back from rock bottom.

Source: YouTube/Taz Thornton


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