Apply to help with snow clearing

We want help from anyone who has the equipment to clear the roads when it snows.

You can be one driver and machine or own a business with a fleet of vehicles.

You must have machinery that can move snow without damaging the road, such as:

  • tractors, preferably with snowplough attachments 
  • large digging equipment
  • You must have people trained to use the machinery and able to communicate via phone. You must also have public liability insurance up to £5 million.

When there is heavy snow, we will tell you where we need help. We will reimburse you for your time to the cost that you quote, providing it is reasonable. 

Some years, there may be no work if the weather is not severe. 

Before you apply, you will need to tell us about your:

  • equipment
  • prices
  • public liability insurance (up to at least £5 million)
  • motor vehicle insurance

Apply to help with snow clearing