Homeowner Property Flood Resilience scheme

About the scheme

The Homeowner Property Flood Resilience (PFR) Assistance scheme is a 12-month trial scheme aimed at homes that:

  • have had internal flooding in the past, and 
  • are identified by us as being at high risk of flooding

For this scheme, internal flooding relates only to habitable spaces, not garages or outbuildings.

The scheme is for Lincolnshire homeowners only and it will:

  • fund the necessary property surveys
  • allow them to apply for up to £5,000 of financial help towards installing PFR measures.

How PFR measures work

PFR measures aim to make properties more resistant to and more recoverable from flooding. As a result, they minimise damage following water ingress and speed up recovery.

If we approve your application, we will carry out a flood hazard assessment and property survey. We will:

  • identify PFR measures suitable for both the property and the residents who may need to operate and maintain them.
  • consider that each property and flooding source is different and will need a specific solution

Examples of PFR

PFR measures fitted or carried out externally to a property include, but are not limited to:

  • air brick covers and valves
  • flood doors
  • flood-barriers
  • re-pointing mortar
  • sealing service pipework and cable access points.

PFR measures implemented by the scheme will help to:

  • reduce existing flood risk to the inside of a property
  • reduce future increased flood risk due to climate change

Due to the nature and severity of flood events, this is not always possible.

The scheme can also explore measures that make the return to normality after a flood much easier. For example, with fewer utilities, essential connections and hidden damages to consider.

In case flood water enters the property, the contractor may remove, reposition or replace:

  • electric wiring or sockets, electric service meters
  • boilers, gas service meters, utility access points
  • plasterboard, brickwork, pointing, sealing
  • kitchen cabinets, appliances
  • flooring, such as wooden or laminates

Throughout the scheme, we will focus on providing PFR cost-effectively to ensure value for money.