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Council Services:

Telecare and wellbeing response services

Telecare is a personal alarm and monitoring service, which consists of a wide range of assistive technology designed to help you live safely at home. The Telecare Service can instruct the Wellbeing Response Service to act if you are in need of their support.

To make a referral to the Wellbeing Service, call 01522 782140.

Telecare service

The most common package simply includes a base unit and pendant. The base unit provides communication between you and our monitoring centre via your phone line. Our monitoring centre is available 24 hours a day, all year round. The pendant comes in various forms, which can be worn around the neck, on your belt or on your wrist.

If for any reason you feel in need of help you can push your pendant button to contact the monitoring centre. The monitoring centre will then talk to you, offering reassurance and guidance. The monitoring centre will also initiate any other necessary response, which may be:

  • notifying your named responder, who may be a family member, friend or neighbour
  • informing the Wellbeing response service
  • contacting the emergency services

Different types of sensors are available which are designed to alert the monitoring centre if you are not able to contact them directly. The sensors system works through a base unit connecting you to the monitoring centre via your phone line. If a sensor triggers the alarm, the monitoring centre will attempt to contact you through your base unit and initiate any necessary response, as described above.

Wellbeing response service

If you subscribe to our telecare service you can also benefit from the wellbeing response service, who may be called to respond to non-medical emergencies at your home, any time of day or night.

Wellbeing responders are trained to respond to non-medical emergencies, such as:

  • a fall which doesn’t require medical attention
  • minor flooding, which doesn’t require the fire and rescue services to attend
  • emergency battery replacements for alarms and sensors
  • bogus callers and antisocial behaviour, to give you reassurance and support while you wait for the police to respond
  • fire and smoke alarm response for non-fires, for example burnt food

This service does not replace emergency services, who will be called in an emergency. If you believe there is a fire in your home or you are in life-threatening danger and you are able to, please make yourself safe and contact the emergency services.



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Last updated: 6 July 2016

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