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Download our iGuide app

Enhance your visit to the museum with our new award-winning multi-media handheld iGuide (East Midlands Heritage Award for ‘Innovation’ 2015).

Our iGuide is packed with information, videos, sound, animation, images and interactives:

  • Join Jonathan Foyle (of TV’s Climbing Great Buildings and Time Team) on our adult tour and learn how the people of Lincolnshire lived, worked and shopped.
  • Help Polly Poacher, Steampunk time-traveller, fix her space ship with old bits of technology and objects found in the collections on our family tour.
  • Younger children will have great fun using the iGuide to find Tommy, the shy barracks cat!

You can also bring our collections to life by using the latest technology, augmented reality (AR), which overlays the virtual environment over the real environment around you.

You can access AR through the iGuide or download the app onto your own device before your visit:



Ask our World War One tank soldier about life inside the newly-invented tank; our Victorian schoolmaster will speak of the school’s rules and punishments; enjoy an interactive penny farthing race around Victorian Lincoln plus much more.

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Lincs to the Past

Browse and buy images from Lincolnshire’s Cultural Collections and view a range of exhibitions and learning resources.

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Last updated: 19 October 2016

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