Searching for Saxons

Getting involved

We envisaged this project to be a community archaeology project involving local people and groups in the investigations of this important site.

With the advent of Covid-19, we have had to rethink how local people can still be involved.

While it is difficult for volunteers to work on the site, the archaeological unit will bring the archaeology to you through social media which also allows you to get involved too.

  • Network Archaeology Limited will be excavating the site from 1st-11th September.
  • Historic England is organising the geophysical survey.
  • The University of Lincoln will be conserving the small finds.
  • The Finds Liaison Officer will carry out a field walking survey and small finds report.

Open Days

When we can, we hope to put on an Open Day exhibition at a local venue so people can see the finds in person, view the first airing of a video on the dig and join in family games and events.