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About Us

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What we do

Adult care supports:

  • older people
  • people with learning disabilities
  • people with physical disabilities and sensory impairment
  • people with mental health needs
  • carers.

We are responsible for ensuring the most vulnerable adults in our community and their family/informal carers are kept safe. And that they are provided with support to meet their needs.

Like all local authorities, we face challenges, but we are proud we’ve continued to provide good quality services to the people of Lincolnshire. In fact, the budget for adult care has grown to ensure vital services are protected for our elderly population. We don’t rest on our laurels however and continue to strive for more creative ways of improving services and relationships with other partners, such as the NHS and care providers.

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How we make a difference

Our vision for Adult Social Care in Lincolnshire

Adult care is in the business of people. People have challenges in their lives, but they also have success, strengths, aspirations and goals. The role of Adult Care is to understand who the people we work with are, what is important to them, what they aspire to and what they want to change. Our role is to build a relationship with people, understand what they wish to achieve and support them to have the best possible outcomes in their lives.

Our involvements aren't about time spent, forms filled or services commissioned. Our involvements are about making a difference to people's lives by listening, empowering, understanding and working together to help people be active participants in their support.

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Putting people first

Ensuring people remain at the centre of the service we deliver

Personalisation is central to the Care Act, and at the heart of our ethos for supporting the residents of Lincolnshire. The number of citizens over the age of 75 is likely to double in Lincolnshire in the next 30 years. Personalisation is a vital tool to help us manage this, while also leading to better outcomes for the individual.

We want to support people to recognise their own strengths so that they can be active members of their communities and have ownership of their health and care. We want to empower people to be confident in making choices about their own care, taking control of their health needs and being part of their community, and to help people get the most from life.

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