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Career development

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Career Development

Onwards and upwards

The world of Adult Social Care is constantly evolving and changing, and we have to make sure we keep up.

Lincolnshire invests in its staff's professional development to make sure you are supported to remain up to date with all the changes. But don’t just take our word for it; our staff say that our training, professional development opportunities and protected CPD time are one of the most attractive things about working for Lincolnshire County Council.

Ensuring our workforce has access to learning opportunities and career progression opportunities that ultimately improve the support we offer to our residents, is a key driver for us and one we intend to keep at the heart of what we do.

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Qualifications and awards

Getting better at what we do

It doesn't matter if you're an aspiring social worker or occupational therapist, newly-qualified, returning to practice or keen to develop your skills. Lincolnshire County Council is committed to supporting our staff grow themselves.

With exciting new apprenticeship opportunities leading to professional qualifications, we have a comprehensive qualification offer for suitable candidates. If you're already qualified, we offer a fully supported ASYE programme, through to Practice Educator modules. We believe that our staff should be able to build on their professional qualifications. We even support qualified staff to undertake AMHP training and management qualifications.

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Leaders of the future

The sky is the limit

In Lincolnshire County Council we recognise the talent of our staff and the skills they bring to our service. Our qualified staff have access to an excellent career progression pathway that means the sky is the limit. Supported by a wide range of career development opportunities we encourage our staff to grow.

Our pathway recognises your individual achievements and skills, and we want you to apply those skills right here and progress up the ladder. You may join us as a frontline practitioner, but there is nothing stopping the right people becoming the next area manager, or even Director.

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