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School admission appeals

When an application to a Lincolnshire school is made and refused, there is an opportunity to appeal the refusal.

Three independent panel members come together with the parent or guardian along with the school representative. They discuss each side's case, why the child wishes to attend the school and why the school are unable to accept the application.

Once the panel have heard both sides, they are left to deliberate whether they think the decision to refuse should be overturned or not.

We hear appeals via Microsoft Teams throughout the year with the exception of school holidays.

We run appeals county wide so if you have a particular area that you would prefer not to work for then we are able to accommodate that. Appeals usually begin at 09.30am or 10am and each appeal can take anywhere from 45-90 minutes.

It is also a great opportunity to work with a group likeminded individuals who share your passion for education.

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We will contact you if we have suitable opportunities within ten working days and invite you for an interview to discuss:

  • your requirements
  • any checks we need to carry out
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  • any concerns you may have
  • induction and training