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Adult care and community wellbeing

Our vision is 'people stay as healthy, safe and independent as possible during all stages of their life’.

Our workforce support people to see their strengths and improve their quality of life. We believe in drawing on our own and the person’s experience, judgement and creativity. 

Public Health and Adult Care are services provided by us and required by law. They encompass safeguarding vulnerable adults, arranging for care and support services to older people, people with physical disabilities, mental health conditions and people with a learning disability, autism or sensory impairment.

We also provide advice, information and services to over 10,000 carers and are indirectly responsible for the employment of over 20,000 people working in the care sector.

In total, some 32,000 people, many of whom are amongst the most vulnerable in our communities, receive support from this area.

Public Health has responsibility for improving and protecting health and wellbeing with a particular focus on prevention, early intervention and reducing health inequalities.

The main areas of focus for Public Health are:

  • Prevention - reducing illness through supporting healthier behaviours and working with partners and communities to reduce health inequalities.
  • Health promotion - health education and commissioning services to meet specific needs such as substance misuse and sexual health.
  • Health protection – surveillance, monitoring and managing of infectious diseases environmental health hazards and health emergencies, as well as vaccination and screening programmes.
  • Healthcare Public Health – alongside the NHS using evidence and patient experience to ensure the success of prevention programmes, treatment and care.
  • Public health knowledge – understanding the level of health need and demand and using data to monitor progress and improve the effectiveness of services.

Jobs include:

Social worker
Our level 1 and 2 social workers provide support to residents across the county. Our teams are made up of strong and effective people who are creative and determined to achieve. Whether they are working with hospital or district teams, our Social Workers receive excellent support and training. 

Community care officer
Working as a Level 1 and 2 community care officer (CCO) is an excellent route in to social care and for many the first steps in a career as a social worker. Our CCOs are creative and passionate about supporting people. CCOs receive excellent supervision, access to learning and development opportunities and protected time to support continuous professional development.

Support worker
Our support workers work in small but highly committed teams in our day centres supporting adults with learning disabilities. They are passionate about improving the lives of those with disabilities. 

Public health officer
The Public Health team work across three broad strands – health promotion, prevention of ill health and health protection. Job roles are diverse and wide ranging. Whatever the specific role all make a vital contribution to supporting and protecting the health and wellbeing of everyone across the county.

Occupational therapist
Our occupational therapists are responsible for providing statutory occupational therapy. They are part of a team supporting adults with care and support needs so they can live independently in the community through provision of advice, retraining, equipment and adaptations to their lived environment.

You can visit the It’s All About People website find out more about roles in wider social care.