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Childrens' services

Children's Services delivers a vast range of services to children, young people and families in Lincolnshire to ensure that they are safe, well and supported. This support ranges from universal services through to child protection and beyond.

Staff always strive to achieve the Children's Services vision: Putting Children First. Everyone works together for all children, young people and families to be happy, healthy, safe and the best they can be.

Our principles are:

  • Early helpStrong protective universal services accessible to all with a range of early help available so children have the best start in life and families have extra help when they need it.
  • Safeguarding: A shared responsibility to ensure children are safe at home, school and in their community.
  • Aspiration: Children are able to thrive and cope with life challenges.
  • Learning and achievement: All children being the best they can be with targeted interventions to close the gap so vulnerable children achieve as well as their peers.
  • Best use of resourcesIntegrated commissioning with a focus on best value, improved outcomes and community engagement.

Staff also work closely with partner agencies to ensure children, young people and families are receiving the right support, at the right time and from the right person.

This partnership working is underpinned by the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children's Partnership (LSCP), a multi-agency partnership board with a vision to safeguard, support and improve the lives of children and young people.

Jobs include:

Health visitor
Health visitors are registered general nurses or midwives who deliver all elements of the Healthy Child Programme. Health visitors work with families of children aged 0-6 and are responsible for ensuring children are healthy and safe. They work in partnership with other agencies to give the child has the best possible start in life.

Residential care officer
Residential care officers provide a caring, nurturing and safe living environment for children and young people in our residential care homes. All of our residential care officers work as part of a team, providing care as outlined with each child or young person's individual care plan, enabling them to achieve their maximum potential.

Community intervention worker
Community intervention staff work within the Future4Me restorative justice team. They support young people to make amends on statutory court orders, and the delivery of those amends given at the pre-court joint diversionary panels. They design and deliver learning activities in group work and one-to-one situations. Their aim is to support young people and their families through potentially life-changing experiences.

Children's social worker
Our social workers work in different teams across the county. These include family assessment and support team, adoption, fostering, children with disabilities and looked after children. They use the Signs of Safety methodology and work collaboratively with families, supporting them to develop their own solutions where the plans are child centred - the voice of the child being at the heart. They help improve the outcomes of children's lives.

Learning support assistant
Learning support assistants (LSA) are part of the Young People's Learning Provision (YPLP) service that offers alternative education to young people aged 16-24. They support learners either on a one-to-one basis, small groups, in the community or in a classroom. Our LSA's support young people to engage with education by making tasks easier, keeping them focused, breaking things down, adjustments, being creative and knowing the learner.

Family time supervisor
Family Time Supervisors promote quality contact between children and young people who reside within the care of the local authority and their families and support the ongoing relationship building between the child and their family. They supervise court directed family time between children and their parents/family working within the terms of court orders and referring agencies.

Community practice educator
Community Practice Educators act as a line manager and practice supervisor for health visiting students and provide professional and clinical leadership for the 0-19 service. They contribute and influence local and regional developments in Health Visiting and Children & Young People's Nursing. They play a key part in transformational change and take the lead role in educating students and make a significant contribution to the education of the wider workforce.

SEND caseworker
SEND caseworkers are part of the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) service. They manage, facilitate and co-ordinate the Education, Health and Care (EHC) needs assessments, ensuring that children and young people (0-25 years old) receive the services and provision to meet their needs. SEND caseworkers provide specialist information and signposting to children, young people, their families and professional agencies, enabling children and young people to achieve the best possible educational, health and care outcomes.