Discover our directorate areas


Sitting within our Commercial director area are services such as procurement, property, performance, project management, Information Management and Technology (IMT) and key corporate systems.

Our IMT department provides enabling services across three main operational areas:

  • Technical Assurance
  • Information Management
  • Service Assurance

The Data Services team within IMT manages the corporate data warehouse and master data management functions.  Supporting and engaging the business is a team of analysts and business relationship managers who leverage the various skills within IMT. This ensures services and business commissioned work continues to meet business needs.

The corporate property service is responsible for looking after the Council's land and buildings. They deal with things like:

  • designing and constructing new buildings
  • buying and selling land and buildings
  • managing the county farms estate
  • managing leases
  • cleaning and maintaining buildings
  • repairing and improving buildings
  • managing energy efficiency
  • managing property health and safety
  • emergency repairs and maintenance

The Commercial Team offers a broad knowledge in commercial law with relevance to the public sector.

The primary areas of work the team has particular expertise in is:

  • drafting of bespoke contracts over a wide spectrum ranging from Grant Funding Agreements to suites of contracts in respect of complex project structures
  • negotiation of contract terms with public sector and private sector commercial entities
  • provision of general contractual and strategic project advice.

The Corporate Performance team’s primary function is the collection, use and validation of data, which we then turn into meaningful business intelligence (BI).

This BI is then used across council to support the effective delivery of services, plan future service delivery, maximise funding opportunities and meet our statutory data duties. We also produce reports for councillors in relation to the performance of key priority areas through our Corporate Plan reporting and our reporting into service scrutiny committees.

The Mosaic Development and Support team provides change and enhancements to our primary social care recording system. Mosaic is used for multiple purposes, including:

  • contacts and referrals
  • assessments, care planning and reviews
  • purchasing services
  • statutory and performance reporting
  • case overview and signposting
  • management authorisations

The Corporate Programme Management Office leads and supports the delivery of some of our key transformational and priority projects, in line with the Corporate Plan.

The core functions required for transformation are analytics and insight, project and programme management, change delivery and business as usual.

Jobs in Commercial include:

Commercial and procurement officer
Our commercial and procurement officers play a key role in the procurement and contract management of services across the organisation, including Adult Social Care, Children's Services and Public Health. They ensure that our contracts offer value for money and are fit-for- purpose for residents.  To be effective individuals in this role need to have strong communication and negotiation skills.

Performance officer
These roles have a strong knowledge of a particular service area in order to provide high quality analytical support. They need the ability to produce, interrogate and impart business intelligence to all levels in the organisation. They may manage some performance support officers.

Data analysts
They have the analytical or technical skills to turn data into meaningful business intelligence. They need a high degree of computer skill in programs such as Microsoft Excel and a clear understanding of database design. They have strong numerical skills and an eye for detail to  enables them to analyse a diverse range of data using a variety of software.

Project manager
Working across all areas of the Council, a project manager is responsible for the planning, management and delivery of a particular project. They are responsible for working with stakeholders and motivating a project team to ensure the project is delivered on time and within budget.

IT developers
Our devs are key to the success of the Data Services Team, having responsibility for designing, maintaining and developing solutions to help the organisation to manage its data.

Development and support officers
Staff in these roles liaise directly with social care teams and managers to enable effective system change.

Mosaic developers
These devs deliver the technical structure of Mosaic following change requests or new functionality. Mosaic trainers deliver training and support via virtual classroom training, on-site support and “how do I” calls and emails.