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The communications team makes sure residents are kept informed of our activities and can easily find information about our services. The team uses a wide range of different channels to ensure that everyone can access this information and helps our services communicate in clear, plain English. 

The team manages the council’s growing online presence, including its website and social media accounts. This allows us to provide real-time updates in fast-changing situations, with increased use of videos and graphics making our communications more engaging than ever before.

They also deal with enquiries from the media, ensuring the authority operates in an open and transparent manner.

In addition, the council’s popular magazine County News is delivered to 330,000 Lincolnshire households and businesses three times a year and includes the latest news from the authority, as well as features on how our services are making a difference to people’s lives. 

It is vital that residents and staff have a voice in the council’s decision-making. Our engagement team ensures the widest possible range of people are given the opportunity to share their views, ensuring our services are tailored to meet the needs and priorities of our residents.

Jobs include:

Digital support officer
Our digital support officers assist with the design, build and testing of services making them easy to use and accessible to everyone. They are part of the digital team that is responsible for managing and improving the council’s digital services. They use website analytics, call centre data and user feedback to support the monitoring and improvement of digital content so that it meets both users’ and business needs.

Digital platform developer
Digital platform developers design, test and build front end interfaces and work with system integrations that make our services easy to use and accessible using the low-code JADU Continuum platform. They are part of the digital team that is responsible for managing and improving the council’s digital services.

Policy officer
Our policy officers develop local policies and procedures. They carry out horizon scanning and research, monitor delivery against the Council's corporate plans, and work closely with stakeholders to deliver the priorities of the Council. They highlight and mitigate any potentials risks to the Council because of changes in statutory guidance or guidelines and provide innovative solutions. This protects our reputation, ensuring that service areas meet and conform to legislative standards.

Strategic communications lead
Strategic communications leads take an active role in planning and co-ordinating integrated communications campaigns (internal, external and digital), ensuring that residents, service users and stakeholders know about the support and services the council provides. They offer strategic and tactical advice, guidance and expertise to senior politicians and key officers on media, communications and marketing plans.