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Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue (LFR) is part of Lincolnshire County Council. It is the Fire and Rescue Authority for the county.

LFR are the emergency service people turn to when no one else can help. Whether it is attending fires, working relentlessly to prevent fires from happening, reaching out to those trapped in machinery or vehicles when accidents occur along with providing life-saving interventions during medical emergencies. They work with partners to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of the communities in Lincolnshire. 

Their commitment is to remain focused on delivering a professional, risk-led, innovative service. Their mission is 'to make our communities safer, healthier and more resilient'.

Services areas


The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004 is the core legislation for Fire and Rescue services in England and Wales. It details the statutory responsibilities of all Fire and Rescue Authorities, including:

  • making provisions for extinguishing fires
  • protecting life and property from fires
  • rescuing people from road traffic collisions
  • promoting fire safety and responding to other emergencies

LFR’s Operational Response model consists of our Fire Control and 38 fire stations strategically located within the county. To manage resources safely the county is divided into three divisions, East, South and West, employing both whole time and on call firefighters to crew our response function.


Integrated risk

The Integrated Risk department covers a broad range of work. They are the responsible department for Community Risk Management Planning, risk profiling and operational risk. They are also responsible for ensuring workplace safety through health and safety, assurance and auditing. They manage business continuity, as well as performance and service planning.

Jobs include: Service Performance Analyst, Integrated Risk Information Officer, Business Continuity Manager, Operational Doctrine Manager, Operational Risk Manager, Risk Data Gatherer, Continuous Improvement Manager and Health and Safety Manager.

Operational support

The Operational Support department plays a pivotal role in service delivery by providing a wide range of support to the rest of the service responding 24/7, all year round. The team focuses on five main areas – fleet, equipment, procurement, water and property. They also manage the day-to-day business that keeps the service running and provide a professional and speedy response to any situation.

Jobs include: Fleet Manager, Contracts and Procurement Manager, Water Manager, Property Manager, Premises Manager, Contracts Officer and Fleet Technician.

Service support

Service Support enable the launch of new products and functions throughout the service that are associated with IT. They work on new projects and look to adapt current working methods to ensure maximum efficiency and value for money. They also have a vital role working in conjunction with Control to ensure that the mobilising functionality of appliances is maintained at all times.

Jobs include: Service Support Manager, Service Support Co-ordinator, Information Systems And Development Officer, System Support Officer and Knowledge and Information Manager.


Organisational development

This encompasses everything from practical initial and continuous training for operational crews to hosting other emergency services nationally in collaboration and development. They are responsible for recruiting, training and managing competencies of staff and have ownership of their own Learning Management System.

Jobs include: Organisational Development Manager, Training Manager, Organisational Development Instructor, Training Site Technician, Driver Training Manager, Driving Instructor and Media Technician.


Selecting the right personnel is crucial to ensure smooth running and progression within LFR in a rapidly changing political and economic environment. Recruitment involves identifying prospective employees and engaging and encouraging them to work within the service. Ensuring the service is representative of the community of Lincolnshire is the primary focus.

Working closely with the LCC recruitment function, the team recruits whole time and on call operational posts as well as a range of non-operational vacancies which support the service.

Jobs include: Recruitment Manager, Recruitment Officer, Business Support Assistant (Recruitment) and Watch Manager (Recruitment).

Prevention and protection

At the heart of all of our community safety interventions carried out are the communities of Lincolnshire. A focus on delivering 'person-centred' services allows the Prevention and Protection teams to complement each other and support the delivery of community-based activities across the county. LFR have a dedicated enforcement team which provides advice, guidance and support on our statutory duties.

Jobs include: Prevention and Protection Manager, Deputy Community Fire Safety Manager, Fire Safety Officer, Fire Safety Supervisor, Fire Safety Inspector and Community Fire Safety Advocate.