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Guidance in applying for an LCC job

The application form plays a key part in deciding whether or not you are invited to an interview. It is important that it is completed as fully and as accurately as possible.

The shortlisting panel will decide who to interview solely based on the information provided in the application form. They will measure it against the person specification.


  • please use black ink or type
  • complete all parts of the application form. If you think some parts do not apply, write N/A (not applicable) in the spaces provided
  • make sure the information you provide is clear, precise and easily understood. It should be appropriate to the job you are applying for
  • CV’s alone are not acceptable. Applications will only be considered if submitted on the application form provided (or in respect of disabled applicants, another agreed format)

Personal details

Please complete this section fully and clearly. This is the information we will use to contact you.


You will need to provide the names of two referees. If you are (or have been recently) employed, one should be from your current or last employer. If you are a student, one should be a senior staff member from your place of study.

References provided by relatives, friends or people with whom you live are not acceptable.

Use someone who knows your capabilities and is aware of your potential. Testimonies, affidavits and references addressed ‘to whom it may concern’ are not acceptable.

References will only be taken up if you are shortlisted for the post you are applying for. We recommend contacting your referees in advance to check they are willing to act as a referee. They will also be ready to write a reference if you are shortlisted.


We need to know if you are related to a Councillor or a senior employee of the County Council. This is to make sure you are neither disadvantaged nor favoured in your application.

Current or most recent employment

Please state your employer’s name and address in full. List the key duties and responsibilities of the job but do not go into too much detail.

Previous employment

Please account for all time since you left school, college or university. List your jobs, with the most recent first, stating month and year. Mention and justify any gaps in employment. Include voluntary work, particularly if you have not been in paid work.

Education, training and professional membership

List the qualifications you possess indicating grades. There is no need to list failed exams.

The person specification will say if the job requires any particular qualifications. If you are appointed we will need to see evidence of essential qualifications.

List any formal, informal or on the job training you have received. Selection will be based on the education and training listed in the person specification.

List membership of any professional associations you belong to.

Politically restricted posts

If a post is advertised as politically restricted you will be unable to:

  • stand as a Councillor, MP or MEP
  • hold office in a political party
  • canvass at elections
  • publicly support a political party

Medical clearance

All employees are required to complete a pre employment medical questionnaire and, with a few exceptions, will not be subject to a medical examination before appointment, unless the Council’s Occupational Health provider considers it necessary.

Making a case to be shortlisted

The section titled ‘Personal Statement’ is where you set out why you think you should be shortlisted for the post. Look at the job description and then look carefully at the person specification. Do your own qualifications, experience, knowledge, skills and personal competences correspond to those required to fulfil the post? It is not enough just to say that you are able to do the job, we need evidence from you that you are able to meet the job requirements of the person specification. Give examples, where possible, of how you have used your skills and experience. It is a good idea to make some rough notes before actually completing the form. If you have no directly related work experience you might consider any voluntary or community work you may have been involved with.

Recruitment monitoring/ Data Protection Act 1998

Lincolnshire County Council is committed to achieving fairness and equality in employment as outlined in the Council’s Equality and Diversity policy. We aim to ensure that unfair discrimination does not take place at any stage of employment including during the recruitment procedure.

What is the purpose of the monitoring form?

By completing this form the council will be able to review and monitor the effectiveness of the recruitment policy and procedure. We will use statistical data produced from this information to review whether or not our workforce is representative of the local population. This enables us to ensure that our recruitment procedures are fair and open to everyone regardless of their background, and in turn develop future initiatives to prevent discrimination from occurring.

How is it used by Lincolnshire County Council?

This page will be detached from your application form and will not be taken into account when making the appointment. It will be stored securely and confidentially and used only as described above.

Guidance for disabled applicants

Lincolnshire County Council welcomes applications from disabled people, and has been been accredited as a Disability Confident employer in recognition of our commitment as an employer in ensuring that disabled people are supported and treated fairly at every stage of their selection, employment and career development.

We are committed to interviewing all disabled applicants who meet the essential criteria of the role applied for. If you are applying for this position under the Disability Confident scheme, please check the box on the application form and advise us of any reasonable adjustments which are needed to ensure the interview is accessible to you. For this purpose disability is defined as any physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on your ability to carry out normal day to day activities.

We hope that you find our recruitment process open, clear and easy to understand and that you submit a completed application.

Sharing of your personal information

As a Local Employment Partnership Employer we share information about new starters with Jobcentre Plus, for statistical purposes only. See for more information.

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Last updated: 28 July 2017

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