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Council Services:

Support and Training

This is what support looks like

Support and training

Meeting new families. Taking on fresh cases. Ensuring children achieve their potential. Without our teams, progress wouldn’t be possible. That’s why we invest in them: they’re essential to our success, so we make sure they always have the training, resources and rewards they need to excel.

From comprehensive induction plans to retention bonuses for the most challenging roles, considered training and coaching strategies to flexible work-life balance, we believe in appreciating our people, in both senses of the word. That’s why we’ll also help you prepare for accreditation. It’s why we launched ‘Bridging the Gap’, a programme to help social workers progress from Level 2 to Advanced Practitioner. And it’s why we support moving between roles to pursue your interests.

Because we care about your progress: and that’s why we’re leaders in social work for staff retention.

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Bridging the Gap

Empowering your career progression

Too often, local authorities lose talent because they don’t provide the right pathways for career progression. That’s why we established Bridging the Gap, a programme to help social workers make the jump from Level 2 to Advanced Practitioners. Throughout the course, social workers are given the support and resources they need to enhance their skills, building a personal development plan and being encouraged to stop, think and reflect on their practice, strengths and motivators, and how they fit with the wider context of our work.

The course culminates in the completion of a project that will outline suggestions for practice improvements in their team, using research, data and reasoning to support their analysis. The objective at the heart of this project – and all the work completed on Bridging the Gap – is to give our social workers the tools, confidence and knowledge required to take their career to the next level. Because progress in your career, means progress in our practice.

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Preparing you for the future

Ahead of the implementation of the National Assessment and Accreditation System, we’re making sure our employees have all the support they need to prepare adequately. We utilise Lincs2Learn, where our teams can book on to refresher courses with ease, from public law outline (PLO) to analytical assessment as well as regularly discussing, reviewing and assessing where we are and what next steps need to be taken.

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Building a Career in Lincolnshire

Making sure you’re happy here

Meaningful change is made over months and years. It’s an ongoing process, and that’s why we’re proactive about retaining our staff. We understand career paths aren’t always linear journeys, which is why we’ll support you moving between roles and across teams. We invest in our people, so they can be committed to their work – and that’s why we retain our staff.

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Last updated: 6 February 2018

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