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About the Board

The Partnership Board was formed in 2009 as a response to the 2009 Autism Act and the national strategy with the aim to improve autism services for adults in Lincolnshire.

Membership was made up Adult Social Care, Children’s Services, the Health Service, the voluntary sector, public services, people with autism and carers.

The board met regularly to discuss issues surrounding adults with autism in Lincolnshire.

Initially there were some issues:

  • some key areas were under represented, such as the NHS, and criminal justice partners
  • it was a great forum for discussion, but not a lot of actual change happened for people with autism
  • the original partnership focused only on adults and it could not incorporate all the valuable work done by people in children’s services in Lincolnshire
  • not enough people with autism were involved in every stage of the decision making process

There needed to be a stronger focus on making changes and greater representation from people who would be affected to make sure that any changes made were relevant. The board needed many more people who have difficulties due to ASD, especially those with little or no speech, using their carers as advocates if needed.

The Partnership board was re-launched on the 30th January 2015. The aim of the re-launch event was to tell people about the future role and goals of the Autism Partnership Board.

The restructured Autism Partnership Board, January 2015

LAPB Structure

The board’s main role is to make sure that we continue to do things to help people with ASD by following the action plan of the all-age strategy.

The action plan has been split into four parts, looked after by four working groups:

  • Awareness Raising and Training
  • Data and Information
  • Service Provision
  • Involvement and Collaboration

Each working group meets once a month. They are made up of a range of people who are affected by ASD and have their own goals and plans. The chairperson of each working group attends each partnership board meeting to keep everyone updated on how their group is doing.

There is also an informal group for those with Lived Experience that gives people the opportunity to get together and share experiences of living with autism and caring for people with autism.


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Last updated: 25 October 2016

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