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Callum's TEDx Talk in Norwich!

Callum spoke about his experiences of how he feels autistic people are viewed in the world.

TEDx events are really big events to speak at, and we are really proud of what Callum has achieved. It’s safe to say that Callum’s speech was really inspirational!

Callum’s strapline for his speech was: ‘The idea of metaphorically making mountains out of molehills, is associated with fussing over something relatively minor therefore blowing it out of proportion.’ In his speech Callum, said that ‘we should be making mountains out of molehills because autistic people are worth making a fuss about.’ At the LAPB this is something that we absolutely agree with. Well done Callum!

There is a link to Callum’s entire speech at the TEDx event at the bottom of this page.

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