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Council Services:

Historic birth, marriage or death records

Records of baptisms, births, deaths, marriages and burials in Lincolnshire.

Baptism/birth, marriage or death/burial before 1 July 1837

Church of England Parish Registers - from 1538 every parish was required to record baptisms, marriages and burials in special registers. A summary list of the surviving Parish Registers held at the Lincolnshire Archives is available.

Bishops’ Transcripts - from the reign of Elizabeth I a list of all baptisms, marriages and burials, which had taken place, was sent annually from each parish to the Bishop. These are particularly helpful if the Parish Register has been lost or is difficult to read. A summary list deposited Bishops’ Transcripts is available.

The International Genealogical Index (IGI) has been compiled by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Information regarding baptisms and marriages has been extracted from the Bishops Transcripts. The IGI for the whole of Great Britain is available on microfiche at the Lincolnshire Archives and main Lincolnshire Libraries and also online Family Search from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Obtaining copies of baptism, marriage and burial events

  • Once you have identified the correct place and date, printouts or photocopies can be made from the parish registers and non-conformist records held at Lincolnshire Archives. There is a self service printer in the public search room. Alternatively, you can order a printout by post. You will need to complete a reprographic order form.
  • If you require Lincolnshire Archives staff to search the registers, there is a research service facility  .

Baptism/birth, marriage or death/burial after 1 July 1837

Civil registration of births, deaths and marriages was introduced as a legal requirement in England and Wales from 1 July 1837. Copy certificates of these events can be obtained from the General Register Office or from the local registration services run by local authorities. Lincolnshire Archives does not supply these certificates.

If you require a certificate of a birth, death or marriage after 1 July 1837, you will need to know the exact date and location of the event before applying for certificate. Indexes are available in many public libraries and archives. Microfiche indexes of births, deaths and marriages 1837-1983 are available on microfiche at Lincolnshire Archives. Please check visiting details before you visit.

There are useful Internet indexes 1837 onwards listed - Indexes of births, marriages & deaths in England and Wales 1837-1983.

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Last updated: 30 June 2016

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