Apply for a street café licence

You must have a licence to place café furniture on any part of the highway, such as footpaths or pedestrian areas.

Your licence is valid for 12 months and you must renew it annually.

Fees are based upon the maximum number of people that can be catered for:

Number of people Application fee Renewal fee
1 to 9 £200 £50
10 to 25 £250 £100
25 to 50 £500 £150
More than 50 £1,000 £200

For guidance, read the Code of practice for the operation of pavement cafés.

Apply for a street café licence

Approval process

  1. We will take your payment then assess your request. We will contact you to discuss further if required.
  2. We will initiate a formal consultation process with our partners and local businesses.
  3. If we receive no objections, we will approve your licence within 3 to 6 months.
  4. We will remind you to renew 28 days before your licence expires.

Refused applications

If we cannot resolve any issues, we will refuse your application. We will return your paperwork and payment.