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The Lincolnshire Limewoods is teeming with wildlife including a healthy population of birds, dormice, reptiles and several colonies of butterfly.

By monitoring this wildlife and managing their habitats carefully the Limewoods can sustain plant and animal life in abundance for many years to come.

Wildlife recording

We’re always keen to hear about what wildlife has been spotted across the Limewoods area. Next time you’re out and about, why not make a note of what you see or hear - it doesn’t have to be rare or interesting!

If you would like to send your wildlife reports through to the Lincolnshire Environmental Records Centre, a not-for-profit service run in partnership for the public benefit, which collects, collates, manages and disseminates information of known quality relating to the wildlife, wildlife sites and habitats for a defined geographical area. Visit their website for more information on submitting records.

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Last updated: 8 October 2015

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