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No More campaign

There are a number of services that can give you the help and support needed if you or someone you know is a victim of sexual violence and abuse.

#NoMore campaign

No more

#NoMore is a campaign takes place each year in February, raising awareness of Sexual violence & Abuse (SVA) services and promoting a culture change within Lincolnshire.

The awareness campaign aims to:

  • Create a Culture change in Lincolnshire relating to sexual violence and abuse
  • Promote Support Services in Lincolnshire
  • Empowering Victims to make a decision about whether to report to the Police (or Crimestoppers)

The campaign has come about from the SVA Partnership, which includes police, education, PCC, SVA support services and Lincolnshire County Council, and aims to make Lincolnshire a safe place to live, work and socialise without the risk of SVA.  

In order to do this, a culture change is needed and the #NoMore awareness campaign is the start of that.

How you can take part
There’s lots of ways to take part in the campaign. Here are a few of the suggestions. Posters, banners etc are available in the downloads tab of this page.

  • Have a conversation with friends, family and colleagues about the aims of the campaign
  • Place Email signature Banner on bottom of emails during the week
  • Print ‘NO MORE’ Posters and take pictures of staff holding them with their messaging and post on twitter with #NOMORE during the week
  • Email out #NOMORE Poster
  • Change Twitter Banner to the ‘#NoMore’ one
  • Retweet / repost information about #NOMORE that partners share to help gain a wider audience
  • Add the Facebook #NoMore to your page

The campaign supports the work of the sexual health and abuse organisations listed on this website.

The Emerald Team at Lincolnshire Police explain how they help victims.


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Last updated: 29 September 2017

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