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Weather warning for strong winds as Storm Aileen heads for Lincolnshire

12 September 2017

Met Office warns residents to expect of gusts of up to 75mph

Residents in Lincolnshire can expect some very strong winds on Wednesday after the Met Office issued an amber warning for the region.

Amber warning detail

An amber warning for wind has been issued across most of Lincolnshire.

The weather front, named Storm Aileen, will bring heavy rain and strong westerly winds to the county and gusts of 65-75mph can be expected from midnight until 6am.

According to the Chief Forecaster’s Assessment:

“The strongest winds are expected to arrive in the west around midnight and move quickly eastwards, with the worst of the winds likely to affect any one place for one to two hours.”

Longer journey times on the roads and by train are looking likely, with restrictions likely to be issued on some roads and bridges. Damage to trees and some buildings, as well as power cuts, are expected. Flying debris and large coastal waves are possible.

There are many ways you can keep safe during strong winds by being prepared:

  • Secure items outside your home that could be blown away, such as patio furniture, bins etc
  • Place cars in garages or where they will be protected from flying debris, such as tiles or branches for example
  • Remove items from around your home that may be blown into windows/patio doors
  • Keep pets indoors. Shelter outdoor pets, or bring under cover in a protected location
  • Check that nearby trees and/or tall structures are undamaged and in good repair and are not in danger of being blown over and damaging your home, or placing people in danger

For more safety advice before, during and after strong winds, visit Lincolnshire Prepared.

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Last updated: 13 September 2017

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