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Before a flood: Preparing your home

If a flood has been forecast:

If you live in a flood risk area, or flooding is imminent then you should prepare your home.

  • Make sure you are aware of the flooding risks to your property
  • Ensure that you understand the flood warning system
  • Know where and how to turn off water, gas and electricity if advised to by the authorities
  • Unplug electrical items and if possible, move them upstairs
  • Raise furniture and move any other sentimental items upstairs if possible
  • Move your car to higher ground if possible
  • Put plugs into sinks and baths and weigh them down and place bags of soil or sand in toilets preventing backflow
  • Clear house gullies of debris and leaves to help flood water drain away
  • Use waterproof tape on cracks around external doors and tape up air bricks but ensure your property is still ventilated

Top flooding tips

Top flooding tips

Advice for farmers

Animals and livestock which are in the affected flood area (from Donna Nook down to Gibraltar Point), if possible, move further inland away from the flood risk area.

  • Deepbed livestock pens (above 0.5m) to increase height of livestock away from water.
  • Take preventative action by using straw bales and hay bales around animal housing to try to prevent water ingress.
  • To keep up to date with the changing weather position and flood alerts, please listen to local radio and news bulletins.
  • Make other farmers and neighbours are aware of the situation.
  • Any queries regarding movement of livestock call 01522 552490.

Don’t forget to call if you need help:

  • Environment Agency Floodline for advice on 0845 988 1188.
  • Lincolnshire County Council’s flood line – (24 hours) 01522 782082


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Emergency floodline

In a flood emergency, call at anytime:

01522 782082

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Last updated: 12 January 2017

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