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Severe weather

The United Kingdom does experience severe weather due to its maritime temperate climate with occasional continental and arctic influences.

These can bring with them heavy rain or snow, strong winds and extreme temperatures. As experience has shown, severe weather can take a variety of forms and at times can cause significant problems and disruption to normal life.

There are many types of severe weather that can have a serious local impact in the UK. The main types of severe weather that we need to plan for include storms and gales, low temperatures and heavy snow, heat wave and drought.

If you’ve heard the forecast and severe weather is on it’s way, then please take note of the following information:

Storm on its way - helpful numbers

Storm on its way - helpful numbers

Some of the impacts of severe weather are:

Storms and Gales

  • Danger to life from windswept objects including falling trees and structural failures
  • Damage to property
  • Damage to electricity and telephone lines
  • Travel disruption
  • Low Temperatures and Heavy Snow

Travel disruption

  • Risk of people, particularly the vulnerable, being affected by health threatening low temperatures
  • Power and water failures
  • School and public building closures

Heat Waves

  • An increased number of admissions to hospital and consultations with GPs due to sunburn, heat exhaustion, respiratory problems and other illnesses such as food poisoning
  • Increased vehicle breakdowns due to overheating engines
  • Road surfaces deteriorating as tarmac begins to melt

Severe weather and Lincolnshire

The flat nature of Lincolnshire’s landscape and the widely spread population mean that weather can have a greater impact on the county than other areas of the country. Our reliance on the road network to go about our daily lives becomes evident when it is disrupted by severe weather events.

There is nothing we can do at a local level to reduce the likelihood of severe weather events; however we can be prepared for these events in order to stay safe and maintain essential services.

What do you could doWhat are we doing in Lincolnshire?
• Listen to weather forecasts and heed any warnings of extreme weather.
• Plan any journeys or activities with the weather in mind.
• If you have to travel in severe weather make sure you have adequate clothing and emergency supplies in your vehicle
• Production of multi-agency plans to manage severe weather events.
• Consideration of weather forecasts prior to any large events in the County eg Lincoln’s Christmas Market.
• Receiving and distributing early notifications of severe weather.

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Last updated: 31 July 2017

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