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NDORS terms and conditions

Our terms and conditions relating to all National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) courses:

  1. You must check all documentation sent to you and contact Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership (LRSP) on [email protected] if you have not received your confirmation email.
  2. The course fee is payable by debit or credit card at the time of booking. Cash payments are only accepted by making a booking at the LRSP offices in Lincoln.
  3. All changes made by you to the date and time of a booking are subject to the police deadline for completion, availability and charges.
  4. You must bring a valid photocard driving licence or your paper licence and another form of photographic ID.  Valid IDs include:
    • passport
    • expired passport
    • valid photographic EU or Swiss national identity card
    • valid armed forces identity card
    • valid police warrant card/badge
    • valid employees identity pass
    • citizen card
    • valid photographic firearm certificate
    • valid government-issued identity card
    • SMART card
    • electoral identity card
    • photographic disabled badge
    • NUS photographic card or photographic university/college ID card
    • company ID card of a nationally-recognised company (photographic)
    • council-issued bus pass
    • pension book
    • Young Scot card
  5. You must arrive 15 minutes before the start time to allow for registration. Late arrivals will not be admitted. If entry is refused you must take further action within 72 hours. You may rebook with LRSP or another service provider, subject to the police deadline for completion, availability and charges (see Point 3).
  6. Satisfactory completion of the course is dependent upon attendance throughout the course and making a full and positive contribution. Disruptive behaviour is not acceptable. If you leave the course before it finishes, it will classify as a non-completion. You will receive a partial refund.
  7. If you leave the course before it finishes due to extenuating circumstances, you must inform the trainer immediately and rebook within 72 hours, subject to the police deadline for completion, availability and charges.
  8. If you are unable to attend due to illness or the death of an immediate relative, you will be required to book a new course within 72 hours and a pay a charge. If you provide a medical certificate or appropriate confirmation of a death within seven days, or at any other time agreed with LRSP, you will be refunded the charge.
  9. If you are unable to complete or attend a course for any other reason than stated in points 4 and 5, you may be able to amend or cancel your booking.
  10. Every effort will be made to accommodate any additional requirements providing you have informed us at the time of booking. If no such indication has been made, LRSP will not be held responsible for failing in the provision of any additional requirement. If you cannot attend the course as a result of this, a further course may be rearranged, subject to the police deadline for completion, availability and charges.
  11. Mandatory eyesight tests will be conducted for Safe and Considerate Driving courses. If you fail the eyesight test you will not be permitted to complete the course. A further course may be rearranged subject to the police deadline for completion, availability and charges.
  12. The course is done in English. You must provide your own interpreter if you might have difficulty in participating in the course. You must notify us that you are bringing an interpreter and this must be the person named on the booking. They must be 16 or over and bring photo ID (see Point 4). If you do not bring an interpreter and the trainer deems that your understanding and communication is not of a satisfactory level, you will be excluded. A further course may be rearranged; see point 3.
  13. Any use of abusive or foul language towards LRSP staff and its contractors at any time will result in your file being returned to your issuing police authority and no further courses will be offered from LRSP. You will receive a part refund. In addition, anyone using or threatening to use violence will be prosecuted.
  14. Weapons will not be permitted under any circumstances. This includes blades or any device which may be able to be construed as a weapon.
  15. You must attend in a fit state to participate fully. Consumption of alcohol or any evidence of alcohol on the breath or use of illicit drugs will result in removal from the course immediately. You will receive a part refund. No further courses will be offered by LRSP and your file will be returned to the issuing police authority.
  16. Please ensure you consider your own personal hygiene when attending a course, please dress appropriately. Dirty or muddy clothing/boots are not acceptable. If your course includes a practical drive, you must wear appropriate clothing and footwear that will not inhibit your drive. You must bring your glasses or contact lenses with you if you need them.
  17. It is essential that identification can be made prior to entry to a course. If a piece of clothing inhibits this identification the trainer will ask the client to remove or adjust the garment to enable the identification to take place. A private space can be made available if required.
  18. In order to provide a safe and healthy environment for employees and contractors LRSP exercises Lincolnshire County Councils smoke-free policy. Smoking of any kind will not be permitted within the building, including e-cigarettes, and only permitted in a designated smoking area.
  19. Clients must complete any mandatory paperwork, with assistance if required.
  20. Use of mobile electronic devices will not be permitted and could lead to your dismissal from the course. All devices must be switched off and not visible in the training room. You may use your device outside of the training room on scheduled breaks.
  21. Children will not be admitted to the course. Clients will not be permitted to bring any adult guest without prior permission and approval from LRSP.
  22. In the event of LRSP being unable to deliver your course, we will reschedule the course as soon as possible and without charge.
  23. LRSP will retain all records relating to the preparation, operation and attendance of the NDORS course for 12 months from the completion of the course. They will be held in compliance with corporate retention and disposition schedules to abide by the time limits for actions provided in the Limitation Act 1980. After the expiration of the retention period, the records will be destroyed. Throughout the retention period and at the time of their destruction, all the records will be kept and managed in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and all other relevant UK statutory provisions, as well as with the whole set of the corporate records management policies and procedures. Data retained is accessible to clients on request.
  24. If you are unable to make or manage a booking online, call 01522 782068 for the National Speed Awareness Course or 01522 805940 for all other courses.


  • Cancellation or re-arrangement of course more than 10 days before original course date: free
  • Cancellation or rearrangement of course date within 10 days of original course date (up to the day before course): £25 (or £100 for Safe and Considerate Driving)
  • Cancellation on day of course or failure to attend: £49 refund
  • Failure to attend/complete the course but another course date is booked with LRSP within 72 hours: £25 (or £100 for Safe and Considerate Driving)
  • Failed to attend the course but new course date cannot be offered: £49 refund
  • Failed to complete the course (related to points 6, 7, 13 and 15) but new course date cannot or will not be offered: £49