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Driving for Life

This course aims to improve skills and knowledge for pre-drivers and post-test drivers.

It is a one-day course and costs £75.


A pre-driver is anyone who has not completed driving lessons or passed their driving test.

The pre-driver course is available to anyone aged 15 years and over.

You will focus on preparing for driving through theoretical and practical workshops.

You will be given the opportunity of driving off the public highway with an approved driving instructor.

A series of workshops will also address typical barriers and areas of concern.

Post-test drivers

A post-test driver is anyone who holds a full licence.

You must provide a valid driving licence or test pass certificate. Failure to do so will prevent you doing the practical part of the course.

You will complete and on-road driver training session with an approved driving instructor.

This is supported by a series of workshops including:

  • tyre safety, winter checks and general vehicle safety
  • basic vehicle maintenance
  • understanding skid avoidance
  • understanding dangers, learning safe speeds and recognising hazards

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