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National Motorway Awareness Course

The National Motorway Awareness Course is an alternative to a fine and penalty points for those people who commit offences on smart motorways.

If you have been offered a place by the police, you can book online:


This is a classroom based course which lasts for 3 hours 30 mins, including breaks and administration.

The course aims to make smart motorways safer and more efficient, providing a better experience for people who use them and work on them. Upon completion clients should:

  • Have a better knowledge of the meaning of smart motorway signs
  • Understand why variable speed limits and lane closures are imposed
  • Know how to use emergency areas safely and appropriately
  • Be aware of the risks of breaking rules on smart motorways
  • Take personal responsibility for decisions about complying with the rules

Course details

The course costs £90 which is payable by debit or credit card at the time of booking. Cash payments are only accepted by booking at the LRSP offices in Lincoln during normal office hours.

Courses are available at the following venues:

  • Lincoln - Witham House, First Floor, The Pelham Centre, Canwick Road, LN5 8HE

View further venue information and parking guidance.

These courses run from 8.30am to 12.15pm. Drinks are available to purchase but food is not permitted in the training rooms.

Every effort will be made to accommodate any special requirements providing you have informed us at the time of booking (eg breastfeeding facilities, taking medication etc).

If you are unable to book online, call 01522 805940 between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8am to 4.30pm on Friday.

If you do not wish to attend a course in Lincolnshire, refer to the list of providers enclosed within your paperwork from the police.

Course requirements

  • You must register 15 minutes before the start time. Late arrivals will not be admitted.
  • You must bring a valid photocard driving licence or your paper licence with another form of photographic ID (see terms and conditions for the list of acceptable IDs)
  • If you have notified us that you are bringing an interpreter, this must be the person named on the booking. They must bring photo ID and be aged 16 or over.

If you fail to produce the required documentation, you will not be admitted and a rearrangement fee will apply (see below), subject to the police deadline for completion and availability.

If you cannot provide a valid driving licence/photographic ID, contact Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership on 01522 805800 for advice.

Cancellations, re-booking and non-attendance

All changes made by you to the time and date of a booking are subject to the police deadline for completion, availability and fees:

Cancellation or re-arrangement of course more than 10 days before original course dateFree of charge
Cancellation or rearrangement of course date within 10 days of original course date (up to the day before course)
£25 fee charged
Cancellation on day of course or failure to attend£49 refund
Failure to attend/complete the course but another course date is booked with LRSP within 72 hours
£25 fee charged
Failure to attend/complete the course but new course date cannot be offered£49 refund


  • If you are unable to attend, you may be able to amend or to cancel your booking online. If you cannot do this, call 01522 782068.
  • If you are unable to attend due to illness or the death of an immediate relative, you will be required to book a new course within 72 hours and you will be charged £25. If you provide a medical certificate or appropriate confirmation of a death within seven days, or at any other time agreed with LRSP, you will be refunded the charge.
  • If you are late, you will not be admitted and a re-arrangement fee will apply, subject to the police deadline for completion and availability.
  • If you do not attend, you will be referred back to your issuing police authority for further action. Your course fee will not be refunded. You will receive a £49 refund.
  • If you are disruptive or uncooperative during the course, you will be asked to leave and referred back to your issuing police authority for further action. You will receive a £49 refund.

Further information

You may not be required to declare your attendance to your insurance company but it is your responsibility to ensure you comply with their requirements.

Read our full terms and conditions and see how we comply with the Data Protection Act.

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Last updated: 15 December 2017

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