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Council Services:

Skid car training

Our skid training vehicle simulates driving on ice, slippery roads and aquaplaning. Learn how to handle these tricky situations and build your driving skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

All courses are held at RAF Scampton, just north of Lincoln.

Courses available

Skid training
This three-hour course costs £49 per person for two to six people. You will need a full driving licence. In the course, we cover:

  • How to identify and recover understeer
  • How to identify and recover oversteer
  • Knowledge of ABS and ESP
  • Understanding the balance of the car

Team building or parties
Half-day or full-day courses costs £49 per person for up to 12 people. You will need a full driving licence to drive but those without one can take part as a passenger. Activities include:

  • Skid car experience
  • Track car challenge
  • PS3 racing simulator challenge
  • Driving manoeuvring exercise
  • Blindfold driving
  • Timed trailer reversing
  • Time trials
  • Team challenges
  • Driving different vehicles

Educational courses
Half-day or full-day courses cost £120 to £150 per course for up to 12 people. A minimum age of 16 is recommended. In the course, we cover:

  • Changing attitudes and behaviour
  • Building self esteem
  • Dealing with peer pressure
  • Enhance driving skills
  • Encouraging responsibility
  • Passenger awareness
  • Vehicle maintenance

Pre-drivers courses
This course costs £49 per person for up to two people. It introduces novice or learner drivers to driving and road safety before for their first lessons on the public highway. In the course, we cover:

  • Understanding and operating the main controls
  • Understanding vehicle dynamics and vehicle handling
  • A basic knowledge of the mechanical components of a car
  • Understanding the dangers of the road
  • A passenger ride in a tack car
  • A passenger ride in skid car
  • Simulated driving

Contact information

To book or enquire about any of our courses, email or call 01522 805800.

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Last updated: 29 March 2017

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