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Council Services:

Calibration certificates

Gatso and Truvelo cameras are calibrated so that only vehicles travelling above the speed limit are seen and photographed by the camera.  Each camera is issued with a calibration certificate by the relevant manufacturer.

Configuration and control of the Average Speed Enforcement System takes place at the station where the system is remotely controlled. All the roadside and controlling equipment is serviced on a bi-annual basis ensuring that integrity standards and legal requirements are met.  These systems are re-calibrated on an annual basis, at which point new certificates are issued.

Certification and servicing

All speed cameras whether Gatso, Truvelo or mobile cameras are Home Office type approved. The Home Office type approval does not state that these speed devices need to be calibrated.

No type approval sets such a condition, nor indeed is such a requirement imposed in any agreement between the Home Office and device manufacturer or manufacturers agent.

There is no legislation or law that states they have to be calibrated. ACPO recognises that regular calibration is desirable to provide reassurance as to the device’s operation. ACPO are quite clear that this desire to have devices calibrated is NOT a condition of type approval.

Cameras are serviced by the manufacturer on an annual basis and part of that service includes a calibration check for which the manufacturer provides a certificate. That certificate is published on this website as a service and any camera that forms part of a prosecution will be identified only if a ‘bot guilty’ plea is entered.

Conditional Offer

The ‘Conditional Offer’ allows those who accept, to fast track and avoid a Court hearing by way of a monetary fine and points on their license or a police referred educational course. Acceptance of that conditional offer does not entitle the offender to all of the evidence.

If individuals insist that they need all of the evidence, including the calibration certificate, then the conditional offer may be withdrawn and all evidence held by the police will be presented, under the rules of disclosure, to the defence solicitor/barrister or defendant prior to any Court hearing.

Out of date calibration certificates

Out of date calibration certificates will be kept online. Three years after the certificate has expired it will be removed from the archive and will no longer be available online.

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Last updated: 28 September 2015

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