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Frequently Asked Questions

What will the data sharing protocols be?

LCC will be transparent and explicit about the data flows for maintained and academy schools.

What happens if I choose not to be part of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership?

All LCC maintained schools will be expected to ensure a Peer Review is carried out on the school.  If schools do not wish to achieve this through the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership, can do this  through buying peer review in from an external provider or via reciprocal arrangements with an out of authority school to be involved.  Academies who do not opt to be part of the partnership will continue to be monitored in the same way as they are currently.

How will we ensure LLAs are effective in their role?

LLAs themselves will be subject to quality assurance, moderation and monitoring to ensure impact, the Chief Officer for Learning and the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership Board.  LLAs will be appointed to a specific skill set to include credibility, and recent experience of headship.  It is acknowledged that Ofsted training would be highly beneficial to this role so may be supported post appointment.

What if I disagree with the outcome of a peer review at my school?

All head teachers will have the right to reply at the end of the peer review in the form of a written outcome.

Will LLAs understand all of the different sectors within the partnership?

Experience within the LLAs will be available across all sectors, nursery, primary, secondary, special.

Who will LLAs be employed by?

LLAs could be appointed by the LA or commissioned through the teaching schools or commissioned on the open market.  Any provider would need to ensure the LLAs receive excellent professional development and line management. 

Who will LLAs be accountable to?

LLAs will be accountable to the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership Board.

Will I still have my own Education Advisor?

The support currently provided by Education Advisors is above and beyond other authorities and is not feasible in the light of diminishing resources at a Local Authority level.  Schools that wish to continue that level of support can buy in that service or move to a reciprocal arrangement with other Head teachers.  Schools can also access LLEs or NLEs for this support.

What key performance indicators will LLAs use?

LLAs will use the peer review, pupil outcomes, Ofsted and HMI outcomes, exclusions data, complaints, HR recommendations and any concerns from a legal perspective for maintained schools.  For academies, all available data will be used alongside peer review to complete a desktop activity to inform decisions made going further (as happens currently).

If I’m interested in becoming part of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership Board, how long would I need to commit to?

Members of the Board will commit to a term of 3 years, with a view to re-appointment.  Members can be re-appointed for another term.  Re-appointment will be staggered so that there is not a sudden complete change of board and potential loss of knowledge and expertise.

Who is the board accountable to?

TheChief Officer for Learning and the Board are accountable to the Director of Children’s Services.

What resources will the board have available to them?

The Board will need access to appropriate resources to invest in improving standards across all schools, based on emerging needs and also to support SCC for maintained schools and academies.  

How will the Schools Causing Concern process work?

The SCC process is set nationally and will not change legally under this proposed system.  The way in which support is commissioned and evaluated will be set down in the terms of reference for the board.

What will happen to new Head teachers in Lincolnshire?

An offer for all new head teachers will be specified for Lincolnshire maintained schools and available to buy for academies.

How will partnership board members be appointed?

Lincolnshire Learning Partnership Board nominations will be received for each sector and validated by the director of children’s services and panel of head teachers against a skills set with a balance of experience.  Board members will then be appointed by this panel through interview. 

What legal powers will the board have?

The legal position/powers of the Board will be clarified and transparent through its terms of reference.

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Last updated: 22 August 2016

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