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A major cash injection and ground-breaking repair techniques are transforming Lincolnshire’s highways

A massive £35m will be spent by the council on maintaining and improving Lincolnshire’s roads this year.

Workers repairing a road

The money will be used to tackle thousands of potholes, as well as funding projects to cut congestion at key locations.

It’s a significant amount of cash - but the authority still faces a big challenge keeping the county’s 5,500 miles of roads in good condition.

That’s why we’ve been finding better ways of making repairs, ensuring every penny we spend goes as far as possible.

Over the last few years, the council has developed a more cost-effective way of repairing minor roads. It involves removing the damaged top layer of a highway and then crushing and mixing it with excess material from major road projects. The new “recycled” surface will then last around 10 years, and the technique has already saved around £4m in maintenance costs.

The council is also using a new pothole-filling method involving a “hot box” - an insulated vehicle that keeps materials hotter for longer. This removes the need for a temporary cold repair, meaning defects can be fixed first time.

Techniques like these helped the council repair over 100,000 potholes last year - a target we’re looking to match over the next 12 months.

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Update: major highways projects

In addition to making thousands of repairs, the council is investing millions of pounds in important road schemes, including:

Lincoln Eastern Bypass

  • Archaeological works and rail bridge construction underway, and roadbuilding to start in June 2017.
  • Expected to be completed in late 2019.
  • Will link A158 Wragby Road roundabout to A15 at Bracebridge Heath.
  • Will reduce city centre congestion and support growth.

Grantham Southern Relief Road

  • Phase two to start in June 2017.
  • Expected to be completed in 2019.
  • Will link A1 to A52 at Somerby Hill, plus the creation of two new roundabouts.
  • Will reduce town centre congestion, improve journey times and promote economic growth.

Peppermint Junction, Holbeach

  • Expected to start in May 2017.
  • Due to be completed in spring 2018.
  • A new roundabout connecting A17 to A151, with a second new roundabout to unlock housing and commercial development opportunities.
  • Will improve safety, reduce town centre traffic and bring economic growth.

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Last updated: 25 April 2017

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