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Support for family carers

Are you one of Lincolnshire’s “army” of unpaid carers? If so, would you benefit from some support?

An estimated 84,000 unpaid carers look after family, friends and neighbours in Lincolnshire.

Support for family carers

TEAMWORK: Jenny, Jo and Barry Robinson with Trish Hargreaves, right.

It’s a crucial role, helping loved ones stay independent, and saving the health and care sector about £1.7bn every year.

But only about 7,550 carers get support through services provided by the council’s customer service centre and charity Carers FIRST.

Now the council is urging other people to come forward so they can also get the help they need.

Jane Mason, county manager for carers, says: “Caring is rewarding, but it can feel all-consuming, and it’s important to think about your own wellbeing, too.

“If you have measures in place to help you cope, you’ll be more likely to continue for longer and avoid a crisis.”

Two people benefitting from support are Jenny and Barry Robinson, from the Lincoln area, who care for their 17-year-old daughter, Jo.

She has Down’s Syndrome, and her abilities are similar to those of a three year-old. As a result, Jo needs one-to-one support, and attends mainstream school with the help of a dedicated teaching assistant.

The Robinsons have also had help from Trish Hargreaves, support and assessment co-ordinator at Carers FIRST.

Jenny said: “We’d known for a while that we should have a carer assessment and plan for the future, but day-to-day life just got in the way.

“Since we met Trish, she’s helped us understand the paperwork and think about the support we need now and in the years ahead.”

Jenny works as a supply teacher at the local primary school, while Barry was made redundant from his job with a software company two years ago.

Barry said: “Even though I haven’t worked for some time, we didn’t even think about benefits until now.

“But Trish helped us look at what Jo is entitled to that we could claim as her carers, and it’s been really helpful to have a carers’ allowance.”

They’ve also been making time for their own interests, recharging their batteries so they can carry on with their vital role.

For example, Barry is a keen cyclist, and is also helping plan a new play area in the local village, while Jenny is involved in both ukulele and parentcarer groups.

Trish said: “Carers often don’t think about their own needs. And when they seem to be coping well, like Barry and Jenny, it’s easy to forget that they need support.

“Putting things in place so they can take breaks will revitalise them so they can care for Jo for longer, which is obviously the very best thing for her.”

To find out more about the support available in Lincolnshire, please phone 01522 782224.

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Last updated: 29 June 2017

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