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Council Services:

Consultation on the personalisation of directly provided services

Lincolnshire County Council carried out a 90-day consultation on proposals to stop providing directly ourselves day services and community supported living services.

The council also proposed to end the short breaks services provided directly at Swallow Lodge, North Hykeham (provided by the Council) and Cedar House, Spalding (provided under a contract with the Council by Heritage Care).

The full list of services that it was proposed to stop providing directly can be found in the downloads section.

The consultation closed on 9th January 2012. We would like to thank everyone who actively engaged with the consultation process:

  • we received 555 consultation questionnaire responses
  • nearly 1,000 people attended an event hosted by Lincolnshire County Council or Total Voice Lincolnshire
  • we received significant petitions from across the county, including one totalling 5,396 signatures presented to the Adults Scrutiny Committee on 28 February
  • 137 agreed to participate in an Impact Analysis Survey

Why did we make these proposals?

Councils have been told by government to give everyone eligible for publicly funded adult social care support a ‘personal budget’ by 2013. This means, if you are eligible for financial help, you receive your own money so you can decide how and where this money is spent and who will give you the support you need. This is called ‘personalisation’.

Personalisation means you decide about your support. As more people get a personal budget and use it to buy the activities and support they need, we need to think about how we run the services we provide ourselves and the others we ‘bulk-buy’ from other organisations. The more the council’s money - and your money - is tied up in our own services, or in long contracts, the less money is available for you to make your own choices.

We therefore needed to consider whether the services the council provides directly should end. We asked for your views on our proposals to end the services provided by Lincolnshire County Council’s own in-house team.

Some services happen in buildings that the Council owns. We also wanted to hear your views on what to do with the buildings used to provide the services if the Council stops providing the services directly from them.

What you have told us will help us decide about the future of the services provided by Lincolnshire County Council, including Swallow Lodge, as well as services provided at Cedar House by Heritage Care.

What happened after the consultation ended?

Reports were submitted to both the Adults Scrutiny Committee (28 February 2012) and the Executive Committee (6 March 2012). The report made several recommendations to the Executive and provided accompanying appendices to allow them to make an informed decision.

The appendices cover the feedback received during both the public and staff consultations; the impact analysis survey; equality impact assessments; and a day services concordant, setting out the council’s pledge for the future of day services.

All of the reports and appendices considered by the Executive Committee on 6 March 2012 can be found by following this link.

The Executive took the decision to accept the recommendations as shown in the relevant Decision Notice.

What are the recommendations?

The main recommendations are:

  • that the council ceases direct provision of Community Supported Living Services and supports people currently receiving such provision to procure support from external providers
  • that the council considers and implements different models for the provision of outsourced building-based day services to replace the existing council-run day services. This will include looking at all proposals to maintain the provision of services within existing day centre venues. No service subject to the consultation will close without a further decision of the Executive Councillor for Adult Social Care and Supporting People
  • that the council carries out a procurement exercise for an external provider to provide a short breaks service, with day opportunities included, from Swallow Lodge - upon entering into a spot contract for such provision, the council will cease to provide the service directly
  • that the council carries out a procurement exercise for an external provider to provide a short breaks service, with day opportunities included, from Cedar House. Upon entering into a spot contract for such provision, the council will terminate the existing contract with Heritage Care

It should be noted that none of the existing day services or short breaks services referred to above will cease until both the Director of Adult Social Care and the Executive Councillor for Adult Social Care and Supporting People are satisfied suitable alternative provision is or will be available.

What is happening now?

The Council is working on the implementation and delivery of the recommendations agreed by the Executive on 6 March 2012.

No one currently receiving a directly provided service subject to the consultation will see a change to their support without an assessment of their needs and/or their involvement in helping to bring about any change.

More information

In the downloads section of this webpage you can also find the following documents:

  • Consultation Report
  • Impact Analysis Report
  • Initial Equality Impact Assessment
  • Full Equality Impact Assessment
  • Day Services Concordant – Day Care in Lincolnshire: A Pledge for the Future

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Last updated: 20 November 2012

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