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Council Services:

Expenditure over £500

Payments to suppliers over £500

Lincolnshire County Council is committed to complying with the transparency initiative promoted by Government and thereby publishes details of all paid invoices of £500 or more. The Council commenced publication with the details of its January 2011 payments. Thereafter detail will be published on a quarterly basis by the end of the month following the quarter end.

The Council has taken note of the available national guidance on this matter in deciding on the form, content and frequency of the data released. In particular the Council has:

  • Included details of credit notes of £500 or more issued to the Council by suppliers (these are indicated by a minus sign preceding the amount in question).
  • Complied with the recommendation to show the payment in its original form. In practice this means disaggregating many invoices into individual component payments many of which will be less than £500 in their own right. This explains why many of the amounts shown are less than £500. They were, however, paid as part of an invoice of £500 or more.
  • Included details of expenses payments processed via its payroll system (but not wage/salary payments).
  • Redacted certain information, typically relating to vendor identity, where to disclose such details risked breaching the provisions of the Data Protection Act. A message to that effect is included against the relevant field.

Data for each month is presented in two different formats – CSV and Adobe PDF.

The following data fields are included in both formats of report:

  • Service Area - the Directorate or service area of the Council that made the payment
  • Expenses Type Description - the type of expenditure incurred
  • Account (T) - further description of the type of expenditure incurred
  • Trans No - an internal reference number useful in tracing more detail regarding the payment
  • Supplier Ref - an internal reference number useful in tracing more details regarding the payment
  • Supplier Description - the name of the supplier of the goods or service. Sometime redacted to comply with legislation
  • Amount - the value of the payment in pounds and pence excluding VAT. A negative number relates to a credit note.

Note Relating to CSV Files:

The data has been saved in this format so that it can easily be read by a range of applications. However, the CSV format uses a standard column width and not all entries may be completely visible. To view all the data you will need to expand the columns. This can be done by selecting all the cells in the file and then clicking on Format/Column/AutoFitSelection.

If you have any queries relating to the data then please e-mail:



The following files will open in their associated programs. To view PDF files on our website Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or above is recommended. To upgrade or for help, visit the Adobe website.

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Last updated: 22 February 2018

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